New Way to Sell Your Home


Real Estate has changed quite drastically in the last few years and the traditional expectations of realtors have changed. One of those changes is the addition of flat-fee MLS listings. If you are not too familiar with this agreement, the real estate agent posts the advertisement of your property onto the MLS (multiple listing service) on your behalf. There are many advantages to selling your house in this way. With the property being for sale by the owner, this means you are in control of the listing and of the sale. It also means that with paying a one time flat fee, you can save thousands of dollars on a commission that would have gone to your selling agent.

MLS listings used to be something that only real estate agents had access to and not homeowners who were selling their property by themselves. Now, this is not the case. With a flat-fee MLS listing, pay a one time fee to have your listing posted on local and national listings which can add up to hundreds of websites that have your property shown on them. When going with this option for selling your property, the agent advertises the house on your behalf and is not being sold by them.

All listings are put as for sale by owner (EAL Listings) . You are in charge of the sale of your property. Everything from setting up appointments to negotiations (which are not as scary as they seem) and since you know your home best, you can answer any question the buyers may have. If you need a little help in different areas such as forms, paperwork, photography, or any other service, then they may be available for additional charges. This is also known as an “a la carte agreement” because there is the set listing that is provided but many other services are provided and can be customized to fit your situation and your needs.

One of the pros of going with this particular strategy when selling your property is the lack of commissions. Real estate agents usually charge around 6% total for the sale of a home; 3% to the seller’s agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent. This can result in thousands of dollars being given away in the commission. With flat fee MLS listings, there is only one fee to list it. Although when the property is sold, 3% is still given to the buyer’s agent but that is still saving 3% of your money. These savings can go towards buying a new house, doing renovations, or even just going into your savings for a rainy day.

Flat fee MLS listings are the next step in the real estate industry. There are many advantages to selling your property this way; you save a bundle of money and you are in control of the sale of your house rather than letting someone else handle it. Selling your house but want to save on money while doing it yourself? Flat-fee MLS may be for you.