Should You Utilize The Services of A Flat Fee MLS Broker


Every dollar counts. And that includes every dollar from the sale of your home. Selling a property can be a tedious and frustrating experience, especially for those with vitually no experience. This is the reason why most homeowners list their homes with full service real estate agents. Aside from listing your property in the multiple listing services database and provide brochures, full service agents can help stage your home and provide you with additional services to help you create a virtual tour, brochure, negotiate your sale to closing, help with your loan. You need to decide how much you as the property owner are willing to do to sell your home. On average, these real estate agents charge somewhere between 5% and 7% of the total sales of the house. Flat Fee MLS Listing is a great option if you have the skills and time to work on selling your home. The benefit is more commission in your pocket.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are sellers who have chosen to go the for-sale-by owner (FSBO) route. Instead of paying real estate agents for their serives , many homeowners realize that they can save money doing all the task associated with selling their property by themselves. Of course this entails a substantial amount of time, effort, skill and even money from the seller, plus the risk of not being able to screen who is coming into your home. The security risk is high with a FSBO.

In conclusion, for your safety, your families safety, it is important to be able to document who is coming into your home. Additionally, it requires a lot of effort to sell your home yourself without any assitance and knowledge of contracts, repair agreements, bank loans etc… Whether you do a Flat Fee MLS listing or a Full service listing you are going to get the most exposure through the MLS and internet by listing it these two ways. Finally, you will get more money in the end utilizing experts to help you accomplish your goals along the way!