Buying A Home

  • 16 years experience as a licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Outstanding personal service
  • Knowledgeable relocation specialist
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Detail orientated
  • Expert negotiator
  • Unparalleled understanding of the local market
  • Hardworking spirit

Buying A Home

Expert Advice

I will serve as your consultant during the entire process. With an investment as important as a home, you will need my expert advice. You can’t afford to make a mistake that could set you back tens of thousands of dollars! And, best of all, I will work for you at no cost, because I am paid by the sellers of each home!

Expert Research
I am equipped with state of the art tools that give me an edge when researching homes. I can provide you with valuable information that will help you to know everything you need to learn about a home,neighborhood,community, and more.

Expert Resources
As a professional real estate agent, I have rapid access to all the important resources you need during the home buying process. I have a team of mortgage bankers, inspectors, appraisers, contractors, attorneys, etc. There’s no sense trying to figure it all out on your own when I’ve got the systems and connections already in place.

Expert Negotiations
I am an experienced negotiator and I work hard to get you the most home for your dollar. Remember you pay me nothing, and I will save you thousands. What’s not to like about that?

Ready to Buy a House . . .
1. Commit to working with myself as your Buyers Agent and I will will work hard for you on your behalf. Keep in mind that you will not have to pay me as your Buyers Agent, because I will be paid by the sellers of the home that you purchase.

2. Send me any listings you see online, and I as your agent will arrange a viewing of those homes. Repeat this process until you find the home you want to purchase.

3. When you find the right home we will discuss terms and write the offer, and then I will submit it as your agent. When you find the right home, it is important to move quickly! Nice homes can sell very quickly, and you do not want to miss out on that perfect opportunity.

4. Once your offer has been accepted, then the clock starts ticking. It is important to begin moving forward immediately with your loan process. Be sure to provide all paperwork to your loan officer as soon as possible so there are no delays. Also be sure to complete the required home inspections quickly so that any issues can be addressed within the time frames delineated in the purchase contract.

5. It is a good idea for you to be present during the inspection. This will allow you to see in person what issues may be wrong with the home. Keep in mind that home inspectors could find a long list of “problems” with the home due to the nature of their job. They can find problems in any home, even brand-new homes. The key will be for you to focus on the serious problems with the home. After the inspections, you will have an opportunity to request that the sellers make a few repairs to the home prior to closing. As your agent, I will guide you through the process of negotiation to address any issues with the seller. Some buyers make the mistake of assuming the sellers must make any and all repairs that the buyers want them to make. However, this can potentially jeopardize your deal. As the seller has the right to walk away from the transaction completely if they do not agree to your list of requested repairs. If they have another buyer in the wings, you can lose the home altogether. So it is best to narrow your list of requests down to about 3-5 items.

6. Prior to closing, you will need to set up your home owners insurance as well as make preparations to get the utilities put into your name.

7. It’s very important not make any other big purchases prior to closing on your home. If you purchase a vehicle, for example, and the mortgage company sees the new auto payment on your credit report, they may decline your mortgage and kill the deal.

8. Prior to closing, you will need to obtain a cashiers check made out to the Attorney’s trust account for the portion that you are required to bring to closing. Confer with your loan officer for the precise dollar amount that the that check should be written for before the closing.

9. When you get to the closing table, everything should be correct by that point. But you will want to read over the Closing Statement (HUD) carefully to make sure each line item looks right from your vantage point. However If you have questions at this point, I as your Buyers Agent or the Closing Agent will be able to help answer questions.


Video explains what a USDA loan is and how it works. It could be your answer to get financing on home that you never thought you could afford.