List Your Home With Us

I offer two ways of listing your home with us:
MLS Flat Fee Listing
  • Full service with the option to sell to an unrepresented buyer and save 3% commission.
We are a first class company! Have you noticed that many of the flat fee listing companies have a tendency to look unprofessional? Well, I think selling your home is a serious matter we have first-class signs and branding on the internet so that your listing will look professional. As a matter of fact, I will set your listing up so that it will look identical to the full listings, and consumers will not even be able to tell the difference. And you won’t have to worry about sticking a silly-looking sign in your yard by a company that does not understand marketing and design. Our signs will allow you to proudly announce that your home is for sale to all who see your home. Our goal is to be the best Flat Fee or Full Service Listing service in Western North Carolina!

Here are some important notes regarding our Flat Fee or Full Service Listings:
  • Listings are effective because of the power of the internet. Almost all buyers find their homes through the internet now.
  • Whether you decide on our $995 plus 3/4 percent at closing listing or desire our 4% Full Listing service we are here to help to you accomplish your goals.

Syndication Chart showing what sites your homes or property goes on